The Boy In the Striped Pajamas


Chapter 12: What do you think of Bruno?

Be sure to explain why you feel that way.


  1.   darrensmy24 — @    

    i think that burno is a little slow on whats going on the other side of the fence.

  2.   matthewsmy19 — @    

    Bruno seems like a curious kind of kid. He does stuff that could get him in a lot of trouble. The funny part is that he doesn’t know that he could get into trouble. He plays a very important part in this story.

  3.   huntersmy31 — @    

    i think he is getting annoying because he doesnt understand whats going on.
    also because he asks to many questions

  4.   ginasmy17 — @    

    I am curently on chapter 12. I think Bruno is very annoying. He doesn’t realize how good he has it by living in the house he does and eating 3 square meals a day!!!!!! When he met the little boy Shmuel, the little boy was telling him about how he barely gets any food. Yet Bruno was still complaining! It annoys me that he has no feeling’s toward the little boy’s situation.

  5.   alexissmy27 — @    

    i think that Bruno is ungreatful beacuase he is sitting there complaing on how they moved and that he wanted to go back to his old house but there is kids on the other side of the fence that wish that they could live in a house like his and have the things he had

  6.   ambersmy40 — @    

    We are chapter 12 and what i feel about Bruno is he is really annoying and he talks way to much.

  7.   dakotasmy22 — @    

    i think bruno is a cool kid and hes would be a pretty nice kid to meet in person

  8.   seanpaulsmy28 — @    

    i am currently on chapter 12. i think that bruno is very confused about what is going on at the moment. also he is very talkative. i think he is confused because he thinks that he just moved there and everything is ok but in reality nothing is ok

  9.   nicholassmy18 — @    

    I agree with dakota and his comments.

  10.   haniefsmy30 — @    

    I think bruno is stuck up he dnt really wanna hear nuffin anybody gotta say

  11.   marksmy37 — @    

    I think that bruno is really annoying because he kept cutting of shmuel when he was tryin to talk…

  12.   chandrasmy38 — @    

    I think that Bruno is not a bright person cause he seems very slow and does not know that shamul is at a concentration camp, and that the came is not called out-with. In the story i really think he does not know what is going on.

  13.   sabrinasmy36 — @    

    I agree with Gina. Bruno doesn’t know how good he has it at all. And yes, he is very annoying. He complains about how he wants to be on the other side of the fence with Shmuel and all the other people.. but yet, he really doesn’t. At least I wouldn’t want to. If i heard everything Shmuel told Bruno.. I would definatly not want to be on the other side of that fence.

  14.   ginasmy17 — @    

    But then again, you have to think to yourself…Bruno is only 9 years old! would you know a lot?

  15.   ginasmy17 — @    

    I agree with Sabrina about not wanting to be on the other side of the fence.

  16.   kelseysmy23 — @    

    i think that bruno is just hard headed. :)

  17.   juliesmy21 — @    

    I think that Bruno is a little slow because he doesn’t know anything thats going on.

  18.   ginasmy17 — @    

    hahaha Kelsey, I sooo agree with you!

  19.   brandeesmy33 — @    

    hanief i disagree with you because i think that he does give thought in what other people say because when Bruno met his new friend he felt bad about his living conditions. and also if he was stuck up then he would tell his father that he disagrees with what he is doing, and get his family in trouble.

  20.   chandrasmy38 — @    

    Well gina even though he is young he should realize that shmuel is at a concentration camp and he pronounces the name wrong. He should be able to realize that.

  21.   amandasmy20 — @    

    I think Bruno is a type of boy that think he knows everything.

  22.   grayt — @    

    I find Bruno to be annoying also. The main thing that he does that bothers me is he eats the food he is bringing for Shmual. He starts off by doing something nice (bringing extra food), then he eats it on the way there! He knows his friend is very hungry, yet he eats the food.

  23.   brucesmy34 — @    

    What i think of Btuno is that he is selfish, but he could be a good friend like he was to Shmuel

  24.   nicholassmy18 — @    

    I also think Bruno thinks he knows everything

  25.   ginasmy17 — @    

    Gray, I agree with you. It is very inconsiderate of Bruno to bring food then eat it on his way there.

    Chandrea, true. You have a good point there.

  26.   joshuasmy25 — @    

    I think bruno is a worried guy

  27.   joshuasmy25 — @    

    bruno is sad that he is moving

  28.   dylansmy41 — @    

    I think he is mean and ungratefun

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